Introduction to the College

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    Hohai University, which is directly administered by Ministry of Education, is a state-level key university with 100 years history. With the study and research of water conservancy as its main characteristics, the university mainly focuses on the teaching and research of engineering and also relies on a multi-disciplinary education and development. It is also among the national key universities supported by State Project 211. In recent years, a State Key Laboratory of Hydrology-water Resources and Hydraulic Engineering has been established in the university at the approval of the Ministry of Science and Engineering. The establishment of a State Key Engineering Research Center in Efficient Utilization of Water Resources and Engineering Safety has been approved of by the National Development and Reform Commission. The Ministry of Education has also approved of the founding of the Graduate School as well as an innovation platform based on preponderant disciplines. All these promote the development of the school to a higher level.

    College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering focuses on mechanical engineering and the programs aim to educate students to a standard which will enable them to apply solid theoretical knowledge and the expertise to decision making, analyzing and solving practical engineering problems in the following fields of modern mechanical design. These fields include automated manufacturing, information technology, mechanical and electrical system test and control, thermal energy and power engineering, air conditioning and refrigeration, materials processing engineering, industrial design, and digital media.

    The college consists of 4 departments, 2 teaching and research divisions. The 4 departments are Mechanical Engineering, Thermal Energy and Power Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Industrial Design. The 2 divisions are Engineering Graphics and Mechanics. The college has 3 teaching platforms: Jiangsu Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of Mechanical Foundation Courses, an Engineering Training Center (Jiangsu teaching demonstration center), and an Experiment Center. The college has also established 4 research platforms: Engineering Research Center of Dredging Technology (Ministry of Education of China), Key Laboratory of Mechatronics (Ministry of Water Resources), Changzhou Key Lab of Digital Technology, Changzhou Key Lab of Photovoltaic System Integration and Equipment Technology. In addition, the college has established a training base for undergraduates under the cooperation of Changzhou Baoling Heavy & Industrial Machinery Co.Ltd.

    The college offers Ph. D degrees at second-level discipline in hydraulic mechanical engineering, M.S. degrees at first-level discipline in mechanical engineering, M.S. degrees at second-level discipline in materials processing engineering, and M.S. degrees of engineering in mechanical engineering. Mechatronic engineering is recognized as a key discipline at ministry-level.

    The college has 4 undergraduate degree programs: mechanical engineering, energy and power engineering, metallic materials engineering, and industrial design. The program of Mechanical Engineering is the top-quality program in Jiangsu Province. It is also included in "the National Comprehensive Pilot Reform of Majors". It is taught to meet the aims and objectives of the first national pilot majors under the program of "Outstanding Engineers Training Project". Energy and power engineering is designated as a major with characteristics at the state level. Mechanical engineering and industrial design are key majors supported by "the Twelfth Five Year Plan" program of Jiangsu Province.

    At present the college has 3,722 students, including 1,988 full-time undergraduates, 415 graduate students, and 1,319 students for further education. The college has 129 faculty members, including 99 full-time teachers, of whom 17 are professors (7 are supervisors of students studying in a Ph.D program). 36 are associate professors. 53 are supervisors of students studying in a M.S program. 4 are supported by Jiangsu 333 high-level talents training project. Professors and associate professors account for 51% of the total number of full-time teachers.

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